Calla Belly Dance


& Tahitian, Latin, Indian fusion, and tap dance

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Calla Belly Dance, by Melissa Honn. Melissa's love of dance grew from her very first twirl around the floor. Such great joy came from swirling to the rhythm of music. After years of classical dance training and immersion into latin dance, Melissa settled into her passion for Middle Eastern belly dance. With proficiency in Classic Egyptian, Turkish, American Cabaret, and fusion styles, Melissa combines precise, traditional technique with grace and flair.

Inspired by the flowing, elegant lines of the calla lily, and connecting to the earthly origins of oriental belly dance, 'Raqs Shari', Melissa founded Calla Belly Dance in order to celebrate the inspiration of nature and the joy of dance.

In her unique performances covering St. Louis, Chicago, and beyond, Melissa creates an infectious energy of excitement and fun.

Please contact Calla Belly Dance today to learn more! 314-282-9916

Calla Belly Dance - Artistic Belly Dance, Tahitian, & Latin Dance by Melissa Honn